Chris Hoar “The importance of the FM industry to the British economy should not be underestimated. In the charity sector where innovation and efficiency are doubly important, the presence of an organisation such as the FM Charity Network Forum is crucial.” Chris Hoar

Welcome to the FM Charity Network Forum

The FM Charity Network Forum is a free to join not-for-profit membership association, open to those who undertake FM responsibilities within charity organisations.

The Forum was created and is operated by Andy Christophi MBIFM, AIIRSM, (Head of Facilities at Shelter), in order to help nurture FM professionalism within the sector, through a free exchange of information, knowledge and experience. The FM Charity Network Forum acts as an extended support network for its members, offering prompt and practical solutions to FM issues and queries.

Ultimately, the Forum assists in helping to create a professionally focused approach to all areas of discipline, within the Charity FM domain.

Our main aims and objectives are:

  • To serve as a focal point for Charities dealing with FM shared knowledge, networking, support and co-operation within the voluntary sector.
  • To understand how the diverse discipline of FM works within charities and to share good working practices, via open communications.
  • To advise charities who do not employ dedicated FM personnel.
  • To aid in achieving Best Value for all member charities, when dealing with all FM issues.
  • To promote continuous improvements and increased professionalism within the Charity FM domain.
  • To identify FM synergies between respective Charities, in order to be in a stronger negotiating position with suppliers and contractors.

We have an elected Chair and hold quarterly meetings and other networking opportunities. Membership is FREE for anyone employed within the charity sector, who holds FM responsibilities.